• Pistachio Raspberry Swirl VE
    Pistachio and marzipan filling, pistachio varigato, pistachio nibs, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries
  • Raspberry Marzipan Swirl VE
    Raspberry and marzipan filling, fondant icing, raspberry jam, freeze dried raspberries and rose flakes
  • Chocolate Swirl VE
    Chocolate and almond filling, dark chocolate, cocoa crumble, chocolate ganache, praline and hazelnuts
  • Vegan Praline Bobo
    Vegan Praline Bobo
    Soft cookie with milk and dark chocolate, hazelnut praline and caramelized hazelnuts

Launching 08.01.24

Allergen information: Our donuts contain milk, eggs, gluten (wheat, oatmeal) and soy.
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