Our Story

  • Donutelier, London’s boutique Donut store, takes the classic donut to the next level. Much like a fashion atelier, our boutique is a workshop, home to intricately crafting each and every one of our designs. Combining traditional pastry, a modern twist on classic French patisserie and beloved family recipes of three decades strong, we like to think of our donuts as visual and culinary masterpieces.

  • Donutelier’s artisan craftsmanship takes place in house, from start to finish. With only the finest ingredients, our expert Chefs make our light and airy donuts fresh every day, three times a day, as well as our rich flaky pastries. Every detail of our iconic flavours is produced by our Chefs. From the golden sable biscuits on the luxurious Dulcey Pecan, to the delicate meringues ornately topping the fruity Pink Royal, or even the fragrant strawberry jam inside of the indulgent Strawberry Cream Croissant, each element is exquisite and unique.

  • Our passion for design and beauty doesn’t stop there, our boutique transports you to a donut heaven. Passing by our Covent Garden store, you’ll be able to look into our decoration theatre and see the magic of our donuts being piped, glazed and adorned before your very eyes. Stepping into the boutique, you’ll wonder at our extraordinary interiors, such as our Chandeliers, which are inspired by pâtissiers’ piping bags.

  • Our vision for flavour and innovation is ever expanding and our Limited Edition Collections transform throughout the year. Each time you visit Donutelier, you can be sure to make a new discovery of something stunningly delectable. We are on a journey to expand our brand globally, so that the whole world can experience the art and joy of Donutelier.