• General Enquiries

    • Can I place an order? / Do you offer delivery?

      You can email squad@donutelier.co.uk to place an order for collection or for us to hand over to a courier of your own arrangement. Orders are for a minimum of 12 donuts and can be collected from midday onwards each day.

    • Do you take reservations?

      We don’t take reservations. We have a small seating area where you can sit in and eat your treats. Even if there are no spaces, it doesn’t tend to take too long for a table to clear, or you can have the order to take away.

    • Does your shop have an Accessible entrance?

      Our main entrance has one step, however we have an alternative side entrance (Great Newport Street side of the shop) with step free access

    • Are all of your products available all day?

      Whilst we will always have items available from when we open, our full collection will be on display from 12pm onwards, as the donuts are made fresh in store each morning.

    • How long do your products last?

      Our products our made fresh each day in our boutique and should be eaten on the day of purchase. Consumption within a few hours of purchase is recommended. The donuts are fragile and should be treated carefully, also avoiding high temperatures.

    • Are you hiring?

      If you would like to be a part of the Donutelier family, please email jobs@donutelier.co.uk with your CV. Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted. If you don’t hear back within 24-48 hours, our vacancies may no longer be available.

  • Dietary Enquiries

    • Do your products contain alcohol or gelatine?

      None of our donuts or pastries contain alcohol. The gelatine used in our products is fish gelatine.

    • Are you Kosher?

      We are not Kosher, however, for information on vegetarian products please email squad@donutelier.co.uk.

    • Are your products Vegetarian?

      From our Donut Collection, our Dulcey Pecan, Chocolate Sprinkles and Chocolate Pretzel donuts are all Vegetarian. All of our pastries are Vegetarian too, including three vegan options, with the exception of the Strawberry Cream Croissant, which is not vegetarian.

    • Are your products vegan or gluten free?

      Our Vegan Collection includes three pastries, available to see here. We also make some amazing speciality coffees and hot chocolate with plant milk options. None of our products are currently gluten free.

    • Do your products contain egg?

      Our Vegan Pastries do not contain egg, available to see here
      . All of our donuts and other pastries contain egg. We do not recommend allergy sufferers to consume our products due to risk of cross contamination.

    • Do your products contain nuts?

      Many of our products contain nuts. We do not advise any nut allergy sufferers to consume any of our products due to risk of cross contamination.

    • How long will the donuts last?

      The donuts are fragile and should be treated carefully, also avoiding high temperatures. Same day consumption, within a few hours of purchase, is recommended.

  • Business enquiries

    • Can you cater for events or corporate orders?

      We would be happy to see if we can supply donuts for your events and occasions. Please email squad@donutelier.co.uk with more information.

    • Who can I speak to about a business enquiry?

      Please email squad@donutelier.co.uk for any business related enquiries.

    • Where can I see your Landlord pack?

      Please email squad@donutelier.co.uk to request our Landlord pack and discuss any property opportunities.

For any other questions, please email us at squad@donutelier.co.uk and we would be happy to help you!