• Fraisier
    Strawberry jam, Chantilly cream and fresh sliced strawberries
  • Vanilla Raspberry Donut By Donutelier
    Vanilla Raspberry
    Vanilla cream, frutti di bosco varigato, raspberry sugar crust and a fresh raspberry
  • Pink Royal
    Wild berries cream, strawberry meringues, crispy raspberry and raspberry chantilly cream
  • Chocolate Prezel Donut By Donutelier
    Chocolate Pretzels
    Vanilla sugar crust, chocolate ganache and pretzel varigato
  • Vanilla Cookie Cream Donut By Donutelier
    Vanilla Cookie Cream
    Vanilla cream, black cookie crumble, chantilly cream and an OREO cookie
  • Chocolate Sprinkles Donut By Donutelier
    Chocolate Sprinkles
    Chocolate ganache, glaçage noir and sugar sprinkles
  • Vanilla Pecan
    Vanilla cream, pecan praline, white chocolate chantilly and caramelized pecans
  • Pistachio
    Chantilly cream and pistachio varigato, almond sable, pistachio nibs and crispy raspberry
  • Roshers Gianduja
    Chocolate ganache and praline, hazelnuts and chocolate crust, milk chocolate chantilly and gianduja flakes
  • Dulcey Pecan
    Dulcey chocolate cream, salted caramel, caramelised pecans, almond sable and caramel glaçage
  • Passion Coconut
    Chantilly cream, coconut shavings, passion fruit coconut cream and crispy raspberry
  • Black Forest Donut By Donutelier
    Black Forest
    Milk chocolate chantilly, cherry coulis, chocolate ganache, milk chocolate shavings, chantilly and a cherry
Allergen information: Our donuts contain milk, eggs, gluten (wheat, oatmeal) and soy.
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